Verification of Benefits

We deliver comprehensive, accurate benefit and eligibility information as quickly as one hour. Our experience with insurance companies across the nation, will help you reduce the risk of claim denials and low reimbursement rates before your patient is admitted.

The success or failure of the revenue cycle management process begins at the front desk – from the moment the patient contacts your facility. We access online verification portals and call the insurance companies to get the required information.

Our team checks procedure-specific coverage and benefits and all out-of-pocket costs so that patients know what is due from them at the earliest encounter.

Details we verify include:

  • Type of plan and coverage details

  • Payable benefits

  • Co-pays

  • Co-insurance

  • Deductibles

  • Patient policy status

  • Effective date

  • Plan exclusions

  • Health insurance caps

  • Out of network benefits

  • Service Highlights

Experience in working in different states across multiple facilities such as outpatient, inpatient, detox and, rehab centers, and so on.