Every business owner wonders if they should bring services in house. Aspen Ridge’s Transitional Billing service is a safe way to decide if this makes sense for your facility or not. We work closely with you to ensure your billing is handled properly, provide training and a solid back up plan in case you feel you need to change back. We will fully customize the a transition plan for you and then execute it according to the schedule.

If your long-term goal is to have your own team handle your billing, Aspen Ridge will help you make that a reality. Your goals are our goals. We handle the day to day billing as we work closely with your staff to train and educate them on the billing process. After your staff is trained we slowly move one item at a time over to your staff, VOBs, then URs, and finally claim submission and claim follow up. For a small monthly fee, we can audit your billing and be there for you as a consultant. Lose a staff member or a key biller? No problem, we can step back in immediately if necessary to keep your billing up to date.

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