Three years ago we were introduced to substance abuse billing. After years of billing experience in the traditional medical space, we realized that insurance billing was somewhat new to recovery centers and that many of the billing solutions in the industry were not equipped with the right tools to collect. After working for another billing company that wasn’t willing to spend a little more money to get the job done right, we decided to do it ourselves.

We started Aspen Ridge Medical in December of 2015. Our business model was built around doing what is right for each client. We have been willing to do more to provide the absolute best in quality and IT solutions. We focus on bringing every claim to finalization. No more claims falling through the cracks. By submitting each claim exactly how the insurance company likes to see it according to their rules, we are able to speed up payments and increase the number of auto-approvals. We are able to turn the table in our clients favor by ensuring the best quality.

Bryan Haslam - Aspen Ridge

Bryan Haslam