Customer service

Single point of contact. You'll work with the same person every time. This allows for quicker response times, better account continuity, a personal touch and more competent interactions. No more lists of billing contacts, just one knowledgeable and friendly representative waiting to support you and promptly resolve your issues.


We believe transparency and trust are the most important aspects of our service. You should feel like your billing company is "in house". We provide clear and consistent communication to build trust and encourage you to be involved. Our goal is to foster a community relationship with each client by providing the transparency and service necessary to achieve superior outcomes.

As a client, you can create custom reports based on your needs. Some of the most common reports run by clients include:

  • Weekly / monthly / daily billing and payment reports showing the amount of money we billed and collected in the given timeframe

  • Activity summary by month report showing how much was paid versus how much was billed each month

  • Aging report detailing outstanding charges by patients that have not been paid

  • Reimbursement rate report for a service by payer and type of service

  • Facility receivables report indicating how much the facility collected and how much was written off. This report can also be broken down by insurance companies, so clients can compare how much each insurer pays, helping with their admission process.


Our analytics take billing a step further. It allows us, through proprietary algorithms, to identify uncollected revenue. We then resubmit or follow up on those claims to increase your revenue up to 10-20% more. Our system allows us to spend our time and focus on the revenue that your current provider isn't even looking at.