claim submission

We submit billing weekly to speed up payments. Our advanced billing software processes claims in less than 24 hours, positively impacting revenue and collection rates.

claim follow up

We guarantee follow-up on all unpaid claims. Our system knows and tracks when we can follow up on a claim. We contact insurance at these key times to maximize our efforts. All contact with insurance is logged and a next step must be scheduled before our staff can move on. This insures follow up for every claim submitted.

Denial Management

Our Team recognize opportunities to identify and correct the issues that cause claims to be denied by insurers. We classify denials by reason, source, cause and other distinguishing factors. Then we develop and assess effective denial management strategies. Implement strategies that engage patients, physicians and others to effectively appeal and reverse unfounded denials.

legal action on ‘dead claims’

When we have exhausted all avenues with insurance, there is a time for legal action. We have a professional medical insurance Attorney that has been successfully over-turning unpaid claims for years. With your approval we will turn these denied claims over to legal action when we feel it is necessary. This is one more step that allows us to collect more money for our clients.