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— Douglas Adams

Every claim is only as good as the policy that is in force for the patient. By providing Verification of benefits for each of our client’s prospective patients, we can paint a clear picture of how insurance will reimburse for that patient’s care, as well as provide prior authorizations for treatment and Utilization reviews to ensure continuing coverage for that patient. Each VOB, Prior-auth and UR is tracked through our robust system alerting our expert staff and yours when a new auth will be required.Our compliance focused billing system is driven off these approvals and will not allow us to bill for services until they have been authorized by the payer. All reference numbers for authorizations are tracked in the system to help provide proof to hold the insurance company accountable. This allows us to ensure quality billing is provided for every claim and helps us work closely with each client to receive prompt payment for the rendered services.

Aspen Ridge Medical makes eligibility and benefits verification simple and fast. Say goodbye to the frustration of time-wasting and repetitious processes. With leading edge technology that offers instant eligibility, our solutions are based on a proactive, aggressive, data-driven process which will verify and pay your claims faster than ever.

We offer custom solutions that integrate with your workflow, simplifying the eligibility and admission process for you and your clients. Utilizing innovative technology, our team helps you streamline and simplify the process of verifying benefits, submitting claims, and increasing revenue through elite customer service and single point of contact relationships.